“The Mind Rocket Media Group team was assembled for a single purpose. Strive to make education institutions and companies the best they can be, by bringing domain expertise and skilled communications capabilities to the table that can truly make a difference for every learner.”

-Stephen Gilfus, Co-Founder of Blackboard Inc. – Oversight Ventures.

Stephen Gilfus

The purpose of education is to prepare students for their future, not their education system’s past. Realizing this purpose is a function of embracing thought leadership that is vetted by educational research, not mere opinion. MindRocket Media represents an impressive network of such global thought leaders dedicated to building a better future upon a foundation of evidence.

-Dr. Sonny Magana, Global Education Futurist

Dr. Sonny Magana

“We know we must leave a better world for our children, and it is my dream to also leave better children for our world. I have the utmost respect for MindRocket. With its depth and breadth of connectivity, the MindRocket Media Group team is a catalyst in education and a valued partner in helping us to realize this dream.”

-Nancy Conrad, Founding Chairman, Conrad Foundation

Nancy Conrad

MindRocket Media Group is the pulpit for educational technology worldwide and if there were a ‘paper of record’ for EdTech, their team would be the Editor-In-Chief’s. The Mind Rocket team has created a channel of news and information that expertly encapsulates and promotes the key organizations, thought leaders, and trends that affect EdTech in the moment and in the future. Their publications – text, video, and audio – are musts for those who need to stay current on EdTech, not just in the US, but all over the world.

-Dr. Matt Harris, Owner and Chief Consultant, International EdTech

Dr. Matt Harris

“The world that our children will inherit is a world dependent on collaboration. If education is to be fit to prepare our children for that future it must be at the forefront of that collaborative journey; a journey that breaks down boundaries and provides a platform for all aspects of society to come together to create a system worthy of our aspirations. The MindRocket Media Group team is a catalyst and conduit for that vision.”

-Richard Gerver, Award-Winning Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Richard Gerver

“MindRocket’s knowledge of the landscape of education in the United States and abroad is impressive. Their ability to connect with thought leaders in the field is rivaled by only a few in educational media and their professionalism and ability to communicate with people is unparalleled.”

-Richard Byrne, Managing Editor of FreeTechnology4Teachers

Richard Byrne